Chicago's Highway Signs Are Spreading Anti-Ketchup Propaganda

Ketchup is controversial. While everyone who's ever eaten a French fry has experienced its magical tomato-ish power, there are many who are convinced it's an affront to human dignity. And no one feels more strongly about this than the city of Chicago. Particularly when it comes to hot dogs.

The city is apparently so passionate about the ketchup question that it ranks with road-safety essentials like speeding and texting while driving a threat to the public good. The traffic sign above was spotted by The Takeout's Kevin Pang who then tweeted it out the world.

The Chicago Tribune got to the bottom of this, and it's an attempt by the Illinois Department of Transportation's to bring attention to its latest anti-texting-and-driving push. And it worked, because we're telling you about it right now. (Don't text and drive, folks!)

“We’re competing for folks’ attention just like anyone,” Jamie Simone, bureau chief of program, project and safety outreach at IDOT, told the Chicago Tribune. “The signs get stale after a while and just become part of the background. If we can catch someone’s attention for just a second and let them know there are life-and-death consequences when they’re on the road, that’s what we want to do.”

Unlike ketchup, that's probably something we can all get behind.

h/tThe Takeout, Chicago Tribune

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