Chick-fil-A Wages Hilarious Sign War With BBQ Joint, Strip Club Across the Street

In the cut-throat world of fast food, marquee signs are often on the frontline of savage battles waged between competing restaurants. Take for example the Wendy's in Lubbock, Texas, that shared a fierce war of words with a local bottled water shop across the street. That melodrama from June might pale in comparison to a sparring session playing out in the summer heat of Mobile, Alabama, however. In the small southern city, a Chick-fil-A, a barbecue restaurant, and, um, a strip club have been ensnared in a hilarious feud for months

It all started in July, when the Chick-fil-A outpost started advertising the company's new BBQ chicken sandwich on its marquee sign, which prompted an actual barbecue joint across the street, Moe’s Original Bar B Que, to respond with the first fateful barb. "Chick-fil-A, I Thought We Were Friends," the restaurant's own marquee quipped, with a cutting remark written directly underneath: "Open Sundays." 

Every Chick-fil-A restaurant is closed on Sundays under the company's longtime corporate policy, but the jab appears to have gotten under the chain's skin. What followed was a passionate argument that transpired completely in public view via the roadside signs. It even roped in the local strip club, Diamonds Exclusive Men's Club, which made the whole thing look like a big, sloppy love-triangle:

Quite astutely, Chick-fil-A General Manager Jon Hewett said he saw an "Internet gold mine,” in the hilarious repartee, but it took him weeks to convince his boss to engage in the fun, according to a report by While the banter was kept relatively light and jovial throughout, all parties are probably relieved they've never reckoned with Wendy's Twitter account, which is known for leveling some pretty devastating wisecracks when it's in the mood. Just ask Hardee's

[ via Grub Street]