This Chicken Easily Swallowing a Snake Whole Will Haunt Your Dreams for Years

What can be said about this video of a chicken swallowing a snake that hasn’t already been said about Goya’s 19th-century masterpiece 'Saturn Devouring His Son'? It is a sublime peek behind the veil of order; it is a work of awesome terror; a thing eats another thing in it. 

It's likely that the chicken, in its ignorance and idiocy, took the snake for a worm. Or maybe the ever-opening Hellmouth of its appetite abides not by petty distinctions between snake and worm -- only food, and unfood. We'll never know.

But we do know that, according to Newsflare, the video was shot in central India in a village near Kalburgi. The owner of the chicken, a farmer named Nanjappa Hukeri, was worried when the cobra slithered into his backyard on November 2. But his rooster rose to the occasion. Just gobbled it up. Like it was nothing. 

Let us all be thankful that he has done the same to us, and pray that he never will.

h/t Newsflare, Digg