This Chicken Playing the National Anthem Will Make You Cry Tears of Patriotism

What can be said about the video above that hasn't been said about the Will Smith classic Independence DayIt's like steroids but for patriotism, it's the perfect Fourth of July watch, and its star might be one of the most charismatic beings in the universe.

But Independence Day does not feature a chicken playing the keyboard with equal passion and precision. How did they teach that chicken to play the National Anthem? With its beak? Is that a secret guarded closer than Area 51? Who can say.

But as some explanation for how such a pure and beautiful thing is possible, we can tell you that this chicken is named Jokgu and is in an all-chicken band named The Flockstars, which is an example of both wordplay and excellent branding. Jokgu was also on America's Got Talent, where she played "America the Beautiful" -- a rendition that is also quite stirring. 

Anyway, instead of blowing up things tomorrow, consider a marathon of this video. If this isn't a reminder of everything that's great and enduring about this country, then what is?

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