Devious 6 Year Old Buys $250 of Toys Using Sleeping Mom's Thumbprint

This holiday season served as a reminder that we can all be the very best, like no one ever was. Sometimes we just have to hack into Mom's phone and order hundreds of dollars worth of Pokémon-themed Christmas gifts to do it. That's exactly what Ashlynd Howell, age 6, of Little Rock, Arkansas, did, according to a recent Wall Street Journal story.

"$250 later, she has shopped for all her Christmas presents on Amazon," her mom, Bethany Howell, told the Journal.

Little Ashlynd waited until her mom had fallen asleep, then used her thumb to unlock Ms. Howell's phone. When the email order confirmations started coming in, the Howells thought their account had been hacked. Then they assumed Ashlynd had made the purchases by mistake. Ashlynd was up front, though.

"No, Mommy, I was shopping," the Pokémon master-in-training said. "But don't worry -- everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house."

The Howells were able to return just four of the 13 items purchased in Ashlynd's spree, her mom quipping that Ashlynd is "really proud of herself."


Eric Vilas-Boas wishes he grew up with Ashlynd's ingenuity. Follow him @e_vb_.