People Are Sharing Hilarious Childhood Stories Where They Act Like Tiny Adults

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Everyone has weird stories from childhood. You were a kid, and kids do strange things. Sometimes those stories paint a pretty accurate picture of the person you'll become as an adult. Those are the kind of stories people are sharing in a new game on Twitter. 

The Twitter user @prinxeMu asked people to share their "most On Brand™️ story" from early childhood. The wording has confused some people, but they're just asking for the "most you" story, more or less. The results are honest and often hilarious. It turns out, those unexpected moments of childhood protest and chaos sometimes paint an accurate picture of what's to come. 

The tweet from @prinxeMu has gone viral, and people are sharing their "on brand" stories. Many of the stories feature kids who were ready to grow up and be taken seriously by adults. Some of the stories are funny, some are personal, and, based on the replies, almost all of them are relatable.

Here are a few of the best responses.

Kids are weird little creatures. However, in retrospect, some of the weird decisions you make as a kid make a whole lot of sense, even when you probably shouldn't have done the things you did.

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