Chili's $5 Margarita of the Month Involves Jameson in March

Chili's $5 Margaritas march
Courtesy of Chili's

As Dr. Ian Malcolm once said, I think, Chili's finds a way. No matter what the month, the chain with the little pepper apostrophe finds a way to make a themed margarita, no matt how unlikely it might sound. In March, it will combine two natural dancing partners: Ireland and margaritas. 

Maybe they aren't that natural, but margaritas will happen. All month long, Chili's will have The Lucky Jameson as its $5 Marg of the Month. Yes, a Jameson margarita. If that makes you raise an eyebrow, know that Chili's did the same margarita last March, and its announcement called it "a hit." There has to be some truth to the assertion, otherwise, it probably wouldn't be back for another round.

The Lucky Jameson comes with, predictably, Jameson, as well as Lunazul Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec, and fresh sour. 

Additionally, March is the month of the chain's anniversary. On March 13, it'll be slinging Presidente Margaritas for $3.13 to celebrate. Its popular margaritas will be served in a commemorative glass you can take home. (Unless, of course, they run out.) Who knew you'd be going in so hard on margaritas in March? Just save some of that marg energy for the summer.

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