Watch This Chimp Return a Selfie Stick His Friend Stole and Believe in Goodness Again

It's easy for humans to think of animals as furry, moving furniture. But this video of chimpanzees is a great reminder that while critters may not be folks, they're just as real as we are -- and possess a weirdly developed sense of property law.

The clip is as short as it is profound, but luckily it replays a few times, so you'll have plenty of time to contemplate... what may also be an allegory of good and evil. It starts just after the (arguably evil) chimp has stolen a selfie stick from some zoo-goers. The tourists clearly aren't sure how to react to this affront to Instagram. (On second thought, maybe this is actually the good chimp, pruning the vanity of the human race? And the other chimp is a tempter toward the fires of narcissism? You decide.)

Just as it seems that all hope is lost, the other (morally upright/possible great deceiver) chimp ambles up, takes the selfie stick, and delivers it to its rightful owners. If that isn't an indication of a rudimentary sense of justice, and resounding proof of property rights as an innate value, then what is?

If, for some reason, you want actual context, Newsflare reports that this morality play was staged in Qinghuangdao City in Hebei Province in northeastern China on November 10. The stage was Qinghuangdao Wild Animals Zoo.

At stake were our very souls


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