China Is Launching a Fake Moon Into Space & It's 8 Times Brighter Than the Real One

Published On 10/19/2018 Published On 10/19/2018
Edited - Lujuan Peng/EyeEm/Getty Images
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In Chengdu, there is reportedly an ambitious plan afoot for replacing the city’s streetlights: boosting the glow of the real moon with that of a more powerful fake one. The south-western Chinese city plans to launch an illumination satellite in 2020. According to an account in the People’s Daily, the artificial moon is “designed to complement the moon at night”, though it would be eight times as bright. The “dusk-like glow” of the satellite would be able to light an area with a diameter of 10-80km, while the precise illumination range could be controlled within tens of metres – enabling it to replace streetlights. The vision was shared by Wu Chunfeng, the chairman of the private space contractor Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co (Casc), at a national mass innovation and entrepreneurship event held in Chengdu last week. Link to this article: #chengdu #moon #satellite #artificialmoon #casc #science #space #rocketscience #Technology #sun #spacemirror #china #allaroundscience

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