Quick, This Sale Has Flights All Over Southeast Asia For As Little As $379

Cheap flights to asia

If you love to travel and regularly take advantage of cheap flight deals, you know it's not often you're crossing the Pacific on the cheap. That's why this deal from China Eastern Airlines is notable. 

On China Eastern, you can find good prices flying out of Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York for trips in October through November and January 2018 through April 2018. It's hard to imagine, but yes, 2018 is a real year, and it will be that year in not too long.These prices are good enough to make thinking that far ahead worthwhile.

The deals are available for trips to Bali, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand; Cebu, Philippines; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hong Kong; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Macau; Manila Philippines; New Delhi, India; Phuket, Thailand; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Singapore, Taipei, Taiwan; and Vientiane, Laos. 

In fact, you can fly for under $400 to many locations, like the below $379 roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Bali.

cheap flights to Asia

You'll find good prices on a handful of sites, but you can actually trim a little off the sale by using Momondo. Using the ITA Matrix Airfare Search or Google Flights, you'll find roundtrip tickets for around $400. It's worth taking the details you find on those sites to Momondo to compare prices. 

For example, the above flight was $400 through ITA and $384 through Google Flights. The savings aren't enormous, but you can often chisel a little off those prices and use the savings to send braggy postcards to all your friends. 

Do remember that flight prices, especially good ones, change rapidly. Get on it if you want to get the cheapest flight possible.

h/t The Flight Deal

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