Chipotle Is Finally Adding Drive-Thru Lanes So You Can Get Your Burritos Faster

Cole Saladino/Thrillist
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

The only real dilemma most of us face in line at Chipotle is whether we're finally financially stable enough to order guac. Pointing at ingredients is fun, but by now you know if you're a burrito person or a bowl person, and lord have mercy on customers who have yet to figure out their salsa preference

Chipotle is trying to move us into the future by adding drive-thrus to its existing locations, but the twist is that you won't be able to order at them. They'll be used to furnish burritos ordered online or via its app. And since you're a busy person who also knows their salsa preference, this will probably make your life easier.

There are already drive-thrus at two Chipotle locations in Ohio, and one each in Tennessee, Texas, and Massachusetts. More are in the process of rolling out across the country, with one coming to Virginia for sure, according to CNBC. A digital order tends to take 12 minutes to complete, but the idea is that most customers will be placing lunch and dinner orders hours ahead of time and just swing by to pick them up. 

Digital orders currently make up under a 10% of orders from the chain, but with a larger movement toward digital ordering and the rollout of these drive-thrus, Chipotle expects that percentage to increase soon. We'll know more about where and when these drive-thrus will be coming after a special investor call on June 27.

Until then, you can use the app to order and bypass the line inside the restaurant. Or, if you still need to see all three salsas in person to decide, you can still do order the analog way. 

h/t CNBC

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