People Are Losing Their Mind Over a 'Leaf' in Their Chipotle

chipotle leaf complaint

You never want to find yourself telling a story about a dinner that involves "foreign objects" in the food. But you probably also don't want to mistake ingredients for being one of those feared "foreign objects." It might leave you a little red in the face. But it seems this is a common situation for Chipotle customers on Twitter. 

A scroll through responses from @ChipotleTweets will reveal a whole lot of people have complained about finding a leaf in their food with incredulous complaints demanding to know how this could happen. However, what they're finding is an innocent bay leaf. It's nothing but a bit of seasoning.

Chipotle uses bay leaves as a spice in their rice and other food. While they're supposed to be removed before the food is served, they sometimes slip through which rankles many customers. 

While a lot of the complainers are getting flak for not recognizing a bay leaf, the bay leaves should not be in the food. But to be fair, people are maybe a little on edge of so many weird allegations and reports coming out of Chipotle involving e. coli, chicken feetinaccurate calorie counts, and a founder saying he's not satisfied with the chain's customer service.

There's a delicate line to walk for the people running Chipotle's Twitter. They have to kindly let people know it's an ingredient not the result of an open window in the kitchen. They also need to say sorry, because, you know, it's not supposed to be there. Though, calling them edible is charitable. Bay leaves aren't technically poisonous, but they're quite rigid and can hurt going down.

As you can see from the time stamps, this has been going on for a while. However, people started noticing all these complaints over the weekend and it spawned some funny responses.

If you find a bay leaf in your Chipotle, don't freak out. You might be tempted to branch out, spice things up, and take a bite. Don't. Set it aside and leaf it alone. Also, stem your urge to complain. It's in your best interest if this potentially sinister tweet from Chipotle is any indication.

h/t Daily Mail

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