Hurry, Chipotle Is Already Running Out of Its New Carne Asada Steak Option

chipotle carne asada bowl
Courtesy of Chipotle

Chipotle's brand-new carne asada steak option was always meant to be, as they say in the biz, a limited time offering. Now, just over a month after carne asada first hit menus, the burrito chain appears to be sticking to its word as it runs out of the new protien. 

Launched back in September, the tender, sous-vide cooked beef will be disappearing off the menu by the end of November or early December at the latest, according to a report by CNN. It's unclear how long Chipotle initially expected to keep the carne asada option around, but it has certainly proved to be popular. 

"By all accounts, we're delighted with what carne asada is doing for the business," Brian Niccol, Chipotle's CEO, told CNN. "And the feedback we're getting for consumers, both new users and existing consumers, is they love the product."

And it's understandable: The new steak offering was incredibly tender, well-seasoned, and juicy. It was an enticing protein that could rival any of Chipotle's other longstanding favorites (though the classic steak is still my favorite). 

If you haven't had the opportunity to try out Chipotle's carne asada, you still have time to hurry to your local Chipotle and dish on the lime-dressed steak. Why not get it on Halloween for Chipotle's $4 boorito promotion?

h/t CNN

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