Even More Chipotle Locations Now Offer Delivery

The burrito slinger just teamed up with Grubhub to expand its delivery service.


The burrito bowl craving can hit at any minute, but for one reason or another (you probably just don't wanna put on real pants) leaving the house and picking it up yourself is not ideal. That's where Chipotle delivery comes in. And while your location might not have been available previously, that's about to change. 

The burrito slinger is officially partnering with Grubhub to expand its delivery footprint across the United States. What does that mean exactly? Access to Chipotle delivery has never been better. 

"We are working tirelessly to ensure our network of delivery aggregators can reach as many consumers as possible to deliver real food directly to their doorstep," chief marketing officer at Chipotle Chris Brandt said in a statement Monday. "We're happy to utilize Grubhub's expansive network to reach more Chipotle fans across the country."

The move follows a massive push in digital sales for the Mexican-style fast casual chain, having increased numbers by 80.8% year over year as of Chipotle's Q1 earnings, according to the release. It should hardly come as a surprise either, considering social distancing during the pandemic is still very much a thing you should be doing.

"While more people are staying home in today's environment, we want to ensure we're giving our diners the best options and making the experience as safe as possible," head of enterprise at Grubhub Seth Priebatsch added. "Chipotle is a beloved brand, and we're thrilled to extend their fresh menu to our millions of diners across the country."

Both Chipotle and Grubhub have contact-free delivery procedures, as well. Diners can opt in the app to have food dropped in an apartment lobby or at your doorstop to avoid direct contact while Chipotle continues to use a tamper evident packaging seal so you can feel confident your burrito bowl wasn't touched during delivery. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.