Chipotle Will Give You a $4 Burrito for Halloween

Halloween Chipotle Burrito boorito
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Halloween might be the night you're required to make good on your promise to the necromancer, but it's not all bad news. You can land yourself a cheap meal at Chipotle on Halloween, too.

Chipotle's Boo-rito deal is back for another year, offering a $4 burrito to anyone dressed up on Halloween. So, even if that deal with the Necromancer has you down -- seemed like such a good idea at the time -- it's worth throwing on a pair of cat ears and telling the Chipotle cashier you're a kitty cat. Meow.

To get the cheap grub, show up in a costume at any participating Chipotle. You'll get a burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or order of tacos for $4 anytime from 3pm to close on October 31, according to a spokesperson.

To spice up Boo-rito day this year, Chipotle is hosting a TikTok Transformation contest. Post a video of your before and after transformation into a costume with the tag #Boorito, and five winners are getting free burritos for a year.

Either way, your costume is getting you cheap grub. Plus, if you're feeling extra lazy, you could wear a button-up shirt with a name tag that says "Dave." Tell the cashier you're Jim Halpert from that episode of The Office where he doesn't really dress up and just tells Andy he dressed up as "Dave." Boom. Cheap burrito. You're welcome. 

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