Chipotle Is Hiding Over a Million Dollars Worth of Free Burritos in TV Ads

You'll need to pay close attention to the 2021 NBA Finals to unlock this slamdunk of a deal.

Cole Saladino/Thrillist

The NBA Finals are heating up and Chipotle is getting in on the action by hiding a million dollars worth of free burritos in TV ads it's airing during the games. You'll need a sharp eye and fast fingers to claim the free chow.

Chipotle aired an ad during game one that featured a hidden keyword in the end card. Texting the keyword to 888-222 unlocked free burritos for the first 10,000 people who noticed the note in the ad. Chipotle is planning to do the same thing for the next few games, increasing the winnings by 10,000 burritos with each game until game five. Now that the secret is out, however, this freebie is going to go fast.

"The final games of the basketball season are arguably some of the most entertaining moments of the year," Chris Brandt, Chipotle's CMO, said in a press release. "Along with the high-profile player matchups, off-court storylines, and fan interactions, our hidden code giveaway creates another 'game within the game' and elevates the viewing experience for our fans during breaks in the action."

Here's when Chipotle plans to air its ads and how much is at stake:

  • Game two - July 8 (10,000 free burritos)
  • Game three - July 11 (20,000 free burritos)
  • Game four - July 14 (30,000 free burritos)
  • Game five (if necessary) - July 17 (40,000 free burritos)
  • Game six (if necessary) - July 20 (10,000 free burritos)
  • Game seven (if necessary) - July 22 (10,000 free burritos)

No purchase is necessary to cash in on this deal—you don't even have to be a basketball fan, you just need to spot the magic word during an ad and have access to a cellphone.

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