Chipotle Is Finally Making Queso Now

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Although Chipotle is well-known for seldomly adding new items to its menu, it's hard to believe the burrito chain still doesn't serve a queso cheese dip to pair with its tortilla chips or to dump all over a burrito bowl at your local outpost. But there's a good chance that may change sometime soon, now that the company has officially revealed it is making queso for the first time. Finally.

Yes, really -- queso at Chipotle. On Monday, Chipotle execs showed off the highly anticipated hot cheese dip and a few other all-new menu items at the chain's newly opened public test kitchen-restaurant hybrid called Chipotle NEXT Kitchen in NYC's Meatpacking District, according to a report by Eater. The cheesy tortilla chip companion is officially dubbed Genuine Queso and you can order it with chips, in a cup on the side, or as another ingredient in your burrito, burrito bowl, or order of tacos at the special location as part of the company's test launch. Unfortunately, that's the one and only Chipotle where you can get it. At least, it is for now.

When reached via email, a Chipotle spokesperson said the company will determine if it wants to start serving the queso elsewhere later, depending on how well it does during the test at Chipotle NEXT. But do they think it's actually going to be a flop or something? No way. Chipotle CEO Steve Ells even told Eater that queso is the most-requested item that's not on the menu, so there's reason to be hopeful for a nationwide rollout someday.

In case you're wondering, Chipotle has held off on serving queso because it has long claimed that it's too difficult to make the stuff at its thousands of restaurants without artificial flavors, preservatives, and other additives, which the company prides itself for not using in its food. Earlier this year, Chipotle announced it had reduced the total number of ingredients used on its menu to just 51 with the launch reformulated tortillas. But it looks like good queso -- much like life -- finds a way. 

Along with the Genuine Queso, Chiptole is also testing new strawberry frozen margaritas (available virgin or with booze), a chipotle pepper chocolate dipping sauce for its buñuelos dessert (also a test menu item), and a new salad mix with a new avocado-based vinaigrette dressing at Chipotle NEXT Kitchen (504 Sixth Avenue). So, basically, it looks like Chipotle may be willing sacrifice its low ingredient count to finally give you more of what you want: cheese dip, booze, and dessert. With any luck, that's exactly what will happen.

Our demand for a full-fledged Chipotle Nacho Bowl doesn't seem so crazy now. 

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Tony Merevick is Senior News Editor at Thrillist and wants this stuff all over his next burrito bowl. Forget about tortilla chips. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.