People Are Brutally Roasting Chipotle’s New Queso on Twitter Right Now

Edited - Courtesy of Chipotle

When Chipotle revealed plans to integrate queso cheese dip into its menu, the company's dairy-loving fans were understandably excited. After revealing the sauce in its New York City test kitchen in July, the burrito peddler rolled out the vaunted new item nationwide on Tuesday. But since then, the masses have tasted Chipotle's all-natural take on the gooey condiment and the verdict is one of overwhelming negativity. 

For instance, many vexed customers are skewering the dip on Twitter — often with very imaginative and shall we say, passionate barbs: 

Critics were no less merciful, with one writer asking whether you'd be better off consuming feces: 

Chipotle's Facebook page hasn't been spared from the online roasting, either. Customers have been posting more detailed messages to the page, with one woman saying the queso "felt like it has sand in it and had zero flavor."

For its part, Chipotle has been responding frequently to the angry missives. A customer service rep replied to one of the Facebook posts, writing:  "While our queso it may be different than other artificial-ingredient-infused cheese dips, we're still tweaking things." 

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