Chipotle’s New Sustainability Tracker Shows Your Order’s Impact on the Environment

Chipotle is lowering its “foodprint” and it wants the world to know.

Image Courtesy of Chipotle
Image Courtesy of Chipotle

Most fast food and other restaurants chains may not be taking the climate change crisis seriously, but it looks like Chipotle is. The burrito purveyor is working on lowering its carbon footprint and it wants fans to eat their tacos in peace knowing that. This week, the company introduced a new sustainability tracker that shows just how good and green it’s going. 

The new feature, dubbed Real Foodprint, allows customers to keep tabs on its sustainability efforts. The tracker shows and compares the average values of Chipotle’s real ingredients to others using five different important markers. Those markers include less carbon in the atmosphere, gallons of water saved, improved soil health, organic land supported, and antibiotics avoided—things a lot of other restaurants aren’t sweating. If you’re trying to lower your own carbon footprint and align yourself with companies that are too, this is a pretty huge deal.

Climate change and sustainability are big issues for a lot of folks, especially as we head into the 2020 election. Immediate satisfaction and access to information are big, too. Chipotle knows this and knows its audience, so it’s providing information on its five important metrics at the order confirmation screen on the app and too. 

If you’re still in the dark about how Real Foodprint works (and who could blame you? This stuff’s complicated), fear not. Chipotle’s enlisted the help of a childhood friend of sorts to millions, Bill Nye the Science Guy, to explain it all. Nye breaks all the information down for everyone in an easy to digest TikTok video that includes his go-to order and it’s Real Foodprint score. 

Now you can feel good about your food and the decisions you’re making before tucking into your go-to Chipotle order. 

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