Chipotle's Testing a New Carside Pickup Option for Mobile Orders

Chipotle customers in some places can now pick up orders without leaving their cars.

Chipotle curbside pickup option in mobile app
Courtesy of Chipotle

Fast-casual sweetheart Chipotle has made headline after headline since the pandemic began, and the news just keeps coming. Let's recap.

The last few months brought brand-new menu items to the Mexican chain, like cilantro-lime cauliflower rice, smoked brisket, a Miley Cyrus burrito, and the Shawn Mendes Bowl. Chipotle also took the internet by storm when it dropped cozy merch and closed free food loopholes. On the technical side, it's opened a ghost kitchen and launched a sustainability tracker, making digital ordering more responsible and efficient.

Now, Chipotle's hot streak continues with the announcement that the chain is testing Chipotle Carside, a new curbside pickup option available in the mobile app.

“As our digital business evolves, we are continuing to explore ways to remove friction and increase access to our real food,” said Curt Garner, Chipotle's chief technology officer. “Chipotle Carside unlocks a new, highly convenient pick up experience for guests from our restaurants’ parking lots.”

Here's how it works. In the Chipotle app, customers will have the option to select "Carside Pickup" at checkout. They will be able to select their vehicle type and color, and type in the make of their car if they'd like to be more specific. When a Carside Pickup order is confirmed, the following instructions will pop up on the screen showing the customer what to do next:

1. Head to the restaurant
2. Park in a spot as close as possible to the restaurant
3. Open the Chipotle app and tap the “I’m Here” button
4. A Chipotle team member will bring your order to the car

Currently, Chipotle Carside is only being tested at 29 California locations, but later in 2021, the company plans to introduce the option nationwide.

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