Chipotle Is Putting an End to This Cost-Saving TikTok Menu Hack

Some social media-savvy customers figured out how to assemble a burrito at the chain for just $3.

You can find just about anything on TikTok, cute cat videos, plant care tips, Princess Diana fancams, and of course, cost-saving food hacks.

Those working behind the counter at Chipotle have recently had to make some strange accommodations due to one of those trending food hacks. Some savvyTikTokers figured out how to order a burrito at the fast-casual restaurant chain for just $3. But now the company's corporate team is stepping in to cease the madness.

How is the cost-saving deal accomplished you ask? Well, prior to the corporate shakeup, budget-conscious Chipotle-goers (Chipotle-ites? Chipotle-ans?) would order a single $3 taco online, ask for each ingredient on the side and tack on .40 cents for a large tortilla. Then voilà, a discount burrito star is born.

While this might sound like a great idea for you, for those working behind the counter it could be quite a time-consuming process. That process becomes especially cumbersome when there's a long line of fellow Chipotle devotees waiting behind you. As one Chipotle employee put it in a viral TikTok of her own expressing her frustrations with the hack's popularity: "TikTok, you got me messed up."

To counter this, Chipotle reportedly sent an email to restaurant managers to notify them that tacos would no longer be available to order via the company's app as of September 7, according to Insider.

While you might not be able to circumvent burrito costs anymore, at least you can look forward to the introduction of a new menu item. The company is currently testing its new Chicken Al Pastor at 94 restaurants across the Denver and Indianapolis areas.

If you're still looking for a deal, Chipotle is offering $0 delivery fees on all Chicken Al Pastor orders placed via the app or website from September 6 through September 11.

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