Chipotle Has New CHI-VOTE-LE T-Shirts to Help Get Out the Vote

Turn yourself into a walking voter registration billboard.

Courtesy of Chipotle

Chipotle’s gone from urging customers to snag bowls to pushing them to hit the polls. Following the first presidential debate (if you can even call it that), the burrito purveyor unveiled new, limited-edition T-shirts promoting voter registration this week. The 2020 Election is closer than ever, but there’s still time to register to get out and, uh, chi-vote-le, people.

The newest addition to the Chipotle Goods range aims to get Chipotle fans to act before November 3. Each shirt reads “CHI-VOTE-LE,” and features a scannable QR code on the sleeve. The hope is that people will be curious about the code and scan it. Should they scan it, they’ll be brought to a TurboVote platform, where they can register to vote in the 2020 election. That sounds even easier than ordering a burrito or bowl from Chipotle. 

Anyone who wants a CHI-VOTE-LE shirt can snag one here for $11.03 (get it?). That’s a small price to pay to do your part to encourage your friends, and even strangers, to get out and vote. 

Chipotle’s foray into politics should come as no surprise. In 2016, Eater named the chain one of the most politically-minded restaurants. The outlet noted that the company was the first restaurant to ditch genetically-modified ingredients, which might not seem like a political move but… it kind of is. 

Regardless of who you’re voting for, or what you get from Chipotle, you deserve some neutral, but politically-minded, swag. Treat yourself to a CHI-VOTE-LE shirt and your favorite burrito and then get out there and cast your vote. It’s a big deal.

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