Chips Ahoy's New Cookies Are Packed With Hershey's Chocolate and Reese's Pieces

chips ahoy cookies chocolate chip reese's pieces peanut butter hershey's new grocery stores
Courtesy of Mondelēz

Cookies make everything better. And do you know what makes cookies better? The addition or Hershey's chocolate or peanut butter filled Reese's Pieces. Well, it looks like cookies just got better.

Chips Ahoy is introducing two new versions of its beloved chocolate chip cookies: one made with mini Reese's Pieces and one filled with Hershey's milk chocolate.

"Without a doubt, America's favorite chocolate chip cookie is happier together with Hershey's Milk Chocolate and mini Reese's Pieces," Sabrina Sierant, associate director of Chips Ahoy! at Mondelēz, said in a press release. "With Chips Ahoy!, we're always looking for new delicious flavors to bring to life in a chocolate chip cookie that will provide consumers with the variety they crave in their sweet snacks."

You can find these upgraded versions of Chips Ahoy in the grocery store snack aisle, beginning this month. The cookies are retailing for $2.95 so stock up for a little slice of happiness.

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