PyeongChang 2018

Chloe Kim Photobombed Olympics Fans With Jimmy Fallon

Olympic gold medalist and hangry snowboarder Chloe Kim dropped by The Tonight Show to talk with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday. Fallon's show has been disrupted by the Winter Olympics, so he's been limited to five-minute mini-episodes he's calling "The Fallon Five."

This "Fallon Five" involved a brief talk with Kim about how she'd already won gold before her final run, but went out on the halfpipe and improved her score anyhow. She described the feeling of winning gold as "empty." "I don’t know if I’d feel that feeling," Fallon replied.

Kim also went into the streets of New York with Fallon to photobomb people looking to snap a free Olympics-themed picture while they're visiting. 

The reactions from fans are good, but Kim looks like she's having more fun than most of the people being photobombed.

The 17-year-old Kim was introduced with her Sports Illustrated cover and was later surprised with the announcement she was going to be on the cover of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. (The real Corn Flakes and not any trolling knock-offs.) Watch Kim goof around on The Tonight Show above and relive her spectacular Olympic performance here

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