Chocolate Covered Strawberry is Oreo's Newest Flavor

Oreos never get old, especially when they’re reinvented in so many incredible, yet totally simplistic ways. The newest flavor devised by the snack-geniuses at Nabisco is Chocolate-Covered Strawberry -- you know, that fruit-confection that sounds weird until you actually try it -- and it’s already hitting select store shelves.

According to Junk Banter, the site that reports on all manner of things from the junk-food universe, Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Oreos will feature exactly what you’d expect: Two chocolate cookie wafers with chocolate frosting in the middle, all tied together by a tasteful smidgen of strawberry creme. We imagine you could waste a lot of time devouring box after box of these bad-boys.


I told myself I would eat salad today, but things change. 😅Chocolate Strawberry Oreos are here! Blog review incoming tonight.

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Oreo likes to experiment, and we’ve seen no shortage of fun cookies this year: There’s been Swedish Fish Oreos, Apple Pie Oreos, Hot CoCoa Oreos and even Oreo Cookie Vodka shots. The company also upped the ante by devising a straight-up sinful item with a German chocolate candy bar.

Just in case you’re searching for these cookies all over your local supermarket to no avail, the hedonists at Delish already taste-tested them, noting a powerful after-taste. Then, if you’re still in a fit of Oreo-euphoria, peruse our definitive rankings of every Oreo in existence. You’ll probably feel like snacking afterward.

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