Chocolate Dunkaroos Are Officially Heading Back to Stores

The news we needed.

A lot has changed since childhood. We can drive, drink alcohol (not at the same time), stay up until 4 am just because. But there's one thing that's remained the same since the days of bedtimes. That, my friends, is our obsession with Dunkaroos. And now, a year after the '90s fave made its triumphant return to aisles, the brand is bringing back the chocolate version, too. 

Chocolate Dunkaroos, which feature the OG vanilla cookies with a milk chocolate frosting, are returning to ignite your cravings and nostalgia. So here's the deal: the ready-to-dunk cookies are hitting grocery and select convenience stores nationwide beginning in July. You can snag the treat for $1.79 per 1.5-ounce tray. 

"This morning we can assure you the rumors are true: Chocolate Dunkaroos are coming back, a big triumph for fans of the demanded snack," a spokesperson for General Mills said in an email to Thrillist. "We all know summer is more fun with the taste of ‘90s."

And while you'll have some waiting to do before you can get your hands on a pack of the chocolate, the good news is this: there's also Dunkaroos Cookie Dough out there to hold you over. The ready-to-bake sugar cookie pack—which, naturally, comes with the necessary rainbow sprinkle-filled vanilla icing—made its debut last fall. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.