Cholula and Simplehuman Are Launching a Hands-Free Hot Sauce Dispenser

Now this is an innovation we can get behind.

Photo Courtesy of Cholula and simplehuman

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things, but our collective love for hot sauce is not one of them. Hot sauce makes the meal, no matter what it is. Unfortunately, the pandemic has changed the way our favorite restaurants operate, from capacity restrictions to how they dispense things like drinks and even condiments. Limiting contact with often-touched surfaces means no more ketchup pumps or dishes of hot sauce packs. So how do you get the sauces you crave?

Cholula and simplehuman may have a solution. The pair teamed up to create a contactless hot sauce dispenser that helps you get just the right amount of spice without a side of germs. All you have to do to make it work is wave a hand above the nozzle and wait for a river of spice to start flowing. It’s brilliant. Cholula and simplehuman’s hot sauce dispenser is battery-operated and wireless, so it can be set up wherever and however you please. 

Hot sauce lovers could definitely make use of these in their homes. Unfortunately, the majority of these devices will wind up in restaurants. Yeah, we’re jealous too. There’s a silver lining though: Cholula and simplehuman will be making a few of these hot sauce dispensers available to consumers starting at noon on December 1.

The dispenser will run you about $130, but it’ll likely be worth it if you go through bottles of the stuff on a regular basis. Cholula and simplehuman will throw in a half-gallon jug of Cholula and ship it to you for free. You can also rest easy knowing that 100% of the money the two companies collectively make off the contactless hot sauce dispenser will go to support the Independent Restaurant Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping independent restaurants get the funds they need to get through the pandemic. 

Imagine the look on the hot sauce lover in your life’s face (or your own—no judgment!) as they unwrap their brand new contactless hot sauce dispenser over the holidays. Worth every penny.

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