Chrissy Teigen May Team Up With Delta to Make Airline Food That Doesn't Suck

In times of trouble, I find it helpful to ask myself WWCTD (What Would Chrissy Teigen Do?). Nothing against my own mother, but it's probably fair to say there is no woman more equipped to bring life into this world. She's Twitter's greatest treasure, she's a phenomenal chef/mom, and she moonlights as a supermodel. This is, of course, the holy trinity.

But somehow, that's not all: If we're lucky, she may also be in charge of revamping the potentially toxic lasagna featured on most of our in-flight dinner menus. It appears we're in the early stages of a Teigen X Delta collab.

On Monday, while aboard a Delta flight, Teigen tweeted a photo of her menu, which offered a truly vile iteration of avocado toast topped with shrimp, tomatoes, and capers, accompanied by a caption reading, “I will never ever take flying first class for granted but this is atrocious.”

Not only did she do the noble thing and publicly check her privilege, but she also reminded the world that only a psychopath would put smashed avocado, tomatoes, capers, and plain shrimp in the same dish -- which is noble in a different sort of way. 

After explaining to the Twittersphere why, exactly, this particular airline dish was so vile ("plane shrimp are bad. plane shrimp on avocado toast with capers??? dear god"), Teigen went on to tweet that she'd always harbored a secret desire to curate in-flight menus. Naturally, because Teigen is a god among mere mortals, Delta was quick to respond.

"Would love to show you around our kitchen. Let's chat," the airline wrote. 

I, too, would love to show Chrissy Teigen around my kitchen, but alas. 

Much to the delight of whoever runs public relations for Delta, as well as anyone who has ever choked down an airline meal made of poorly-seasoned packing peanuts, Teigen responded promptly with a resounding "OK!" followed by an even more promising "Let’s do a super gooey biscoff brownie with cinnamon gelato and and and."

And what Chrissy? We're at the edges of our economy seats. 

Chrissy, if you're out there, just know we're rooting for you and your biscoff brownie sundae. 

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