The Most Popular Holiday Candy in Every State

Coming off the sugar high of Halloween, you might forget December is another candy-rich month. In fact, the National Confectionary Association estimates Americans will spend $1.93 billion on sweets during the eight weeks leading up to Christmas.

As you begin to load up on candy canes, gingerbread house supplies, and peanut brittle, remember that everyone has their own traditions and holiday candy preferences. Like it did with Halloween, has taken data from its site and customers to show every state's favorite holiday candy relative to other states. (The map is interactive. Hover over the states to get more information.)

The map raises some very important questions. For instance, is Starburst a holiday candy? Can you eat Pez if they aren't in a dispenser? What the hell is Reindeer Corn? Why aren't Ho Hos considered a holiday treat?

Here's a breakdown of the top three candies in each state based on's survey. You'll see a lot of candy canes on there, which is necessary because somehow people have to consume the 1.76 billion candy canes produced every year. 

But, seriously, what is Reindeer Corn and why does it exist? Does it taste like candy corn? Why is holiday candy so much more confusing than it should be?

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He holds a Guinness World Record but has never met the fingernail lady. Follow him @dlukenelson.