Chuck E. Cheese Doubles Down on Its Sneaky Pizza Chain With New Menu Debut

Pasqually's Pizza, aka Chuck E. Cheese, is hanging by a thread called giant cheesy bread.


When news got out in late March that Chuck E. Cheese had started to sneakily identify as Pasqually's Pizza & Wings on Grubhub, folks chuckled at the company's seemingly impending demise. It appeared that the chain was hanging by a cheesy bread, unabashedly fishing for hungry third-party delivery users living in pizza restaurant deserts. 

But Chuck E. Cheese announced in a July 8 press release that its alter ego is legit, it swears, and that the brand is bolstering its Pasqually's menu with new items, mentioning three additions to give us an idea of what the company meant when it said it was catering to an audience "with more mature taste preferences." 

These "mature" additions are available starting Thursday. The items highlighted in the release are giant cheesy bread, twice baked wings (spicy korean BBQ, honey hot, lemon pepper & chili lime dry rubs), and an iced brownie for dessert. I suppose the spicy nature of its wings make the palate more mature -- but I, an adult, won't be impressed until the brownie is boozy. 

"Pasqually's Pizza & Wings is not a stunt or a short-term business venture for CEC Entertainment," said Sherri Landry, the CMO of the franchise's parent company, CEC Entertainment, in a no-way defensive statement. "The extension was created with a purpose – to offer our guests another at-home option for delicious food." 

As of June, you can order Pasqually's on Grubhub, DoorDash and UberEats (Pasqually's is delivery only).

"While some may refer to it as a 'ghost kitchen,' Pasqually's Pizza & Wings has no intention of disappearing anytime soon," the company said in a statement, as the company approaches bankruptcy and may have to close all stores.

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