Cereal-Covered Churro Sundaes Are Both Breakfast and Dessert

Courtesy of Ridges Churro Bar

With breakfast staples like donuts, cinnamon rolls, and pancakes doused in maple syrup, breakfast and dessert have long been, well, kind of the same thing. Now, there's word of a treat that's further smearing the line between the two types of foodstuffs -- by brilliantly throwing together churros, ice cream, cereal, and other toppings in sundaes that are practically made for Instagram.

They're called churro sundaes, and they're a wildly popular offering from LA-based food truck, Ridges Churro Bar, according to a report by Elite Daily. The sundaes are pretty simple: take some delicious churros, cover them in obscene toppings, and serve them stuck in soft-serve ice cream. As far as cereal toppings go, they currently offer Fruity Pebbles and Reese's Puffs, but the menu rotates every few weeks. Other flavor combos include things like Nutella Nut, Cinnamon Sugar, and Strawberry Shortcake, among others.

"The whole concept is creating toppings and flavors that would compliment the churro," Nancy Phan, co-owner of Ridges, said via email. "When we first started selling as a pop up booth last year at the Orange County Night market, we had 4 flavors and we've now expanded and created 8 flavors that we sell on our food truck which just launched in March of this year."

Obviously, Fruity Pebbles is the way to go if you want a zillion likes on your obligatory Instagram photo. Speaking of obligatory photos, here's a handful of good ones:

h/t Elite Daily

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