Eat Dessert for Breakfast With New Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Lucky Charms Ice Cream

I've never really followed unspoken rules of food. Eat cake before 11am? Sure. Pancakes for dinner? Hell yes. Replace daily water intake with black coffee? Well, maybe don't follow my lead on that one, but you get it. And now, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms are making it even easier for my fellow rule breakers out there with the launch of new cereal-flavored ice creams

Whispers of the flavor debut began circulating earlier this week, and now, we've got confirmation. "Soon, you can have Cinnamon Toast Crunch and @luckycharms for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert!" the cereal maker wrote in a Twitter announcement Wednesday. Fans are overjoyed.

Here are the reactions: 

We don't know when to expect the Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms-flavored pints to pop up nationwide (the company said "coming soon," we just don't know how soon), but the product has already been spotted. It's out there, my friends. 

According to popular junk food Instagrammer @CandyHunting, the Edy's/Dreyer's brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch pint has a cinnamon base with graham swirl and actual cereal pieces while the Lucky Charm's variant looks like it's brimming with the cereal's iconic marshmallows. 

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 Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her @MegSchaltegger.