Someone Invented Clear Coffee That Won't Stain Your Teeth

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No matter how you take your coffee, there's no getting around the fact that sucking down cup after cup of it every day is gradually yellowing your teeth. Fortunately, you may no longer have to worry about how your caffeine habit's affecting the brilliance of your chompers, because there's a new brand of completely clear coffee that packs the same punch as a traditional stuff without threatening to stain your teeth.

The new bottled beverage, which goes by the trendy yet unpronounceable name of CLR CFF (or "clear coffee" devoid of vowels), was developed by two Slovakian brothers who were bothered enough by how regular coffee was staining their teeth that they came up with a recipe for one that lacks any color at all. They won't reveal exactly how it's made, but say it took them three months to perfect the method and is "based on physical processing." They also claim it doesn't involve any weird chemicals, stabilizers, sweeteners, or additives, and that it's derived from freshly roasted Arabica beans. The only ingredients listed on its site are water, fresh coffee and caffeine, and a 200ml bottle packs 4 calories (a 200ml serving of regular black coffee typically has just 1).

As for how it tastes, opinions are mixed. According to the Evening Standard, the taste is "strong, like a potent cold brew," while employees at Metro who tried it described it varyingly as "odd, but not unpleasant" and like "Water…but an aftertaste of coffee." It's also a bit of a stretch to claim that it's totally colorless, since it has a very slight yellow/brownish tint.

To try it yourself you'll need to pop on over to London, where it's currently stocked at Selfridges and Whole Foods. Otherwise, you can order it online, where 5-packs go for about $20, which is still cheaper than a pack of Crest White Strips. Expect to wait a while for your CLR CFF to arrive, though -- Internet buzz has drummed up so much interest that they're currently running on a four week delay.

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