There Could Be a Coca-Cola Shortage in Our Future

Watch out, soda lovers.

Venus Kaewyoo/Shutterstock
Venus Kaewyoo/Shutterstock

Well, the list of things that might be hard to find in grocery stores is only getting longer. You're probably aware by now that there are supply chain issues across the globe, with everything from wine to bacon to Thanksgiving turkeys at risk of going missing from the shelves this winter.

According to Coca-Cola's chief executives, there could be a Coke shortage coming soon, too. Like many companies, it is facing hardships when it comes to labor and shipping. These issues have caused various distribution efforts, especially internationally. But don't start buying your soda in bulk just yet. So far, North American isn't expected to be as affected by the issues.

"We maintained strong momentum in North America despite the COVID resurgence in many states [that led to] to stalling consumer sentiment and supply chain challenges that resulted in both missed opportunities and incremental costs," said Coca Cola CEO James Quincy in a call with other executives.

Quincy emphasized that the company is working closely with bottlers and other suppliers to ensure there aren't any dramatic shortages in supply.

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