Massive Soda Spill Floods Entire Neighborhood With Coca-Cola, Shuts Down Entire Blocks

Imagining that the streets flowed with soda is kind of fun and something a kid who's seen Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory too many times might dream about, but rest assured it's a good thing they don't...


Imagining that the streets flowed with soda is kind of fun, but rest assured it's a good thing they don't. That's something residents of a Texas neighborhood realized quite suddenly this week after something went horribly wrong at a nearby soda facility and sent a torrent of sticky Coca-Cola sludge cascading through the streets, eventually forcing the closure of several blocks.

Folks living in a small part of East El Paso, Texas awoke to a huge part of their neighborhood closed off on Wednesday after a major spill at a nearby vending company flooded the area with Coca-Cola late night before. The mess was so bad that the sludgy, fizzy sugar-water seeped into the yards and driveways of residents as crews scrambled to contain it. Workers eventually started mixing the runoff with dirt in an effort to keep it from spreading, though cleaning everything up is apparently the responsibility of the facility where the spill originated, according to local affiliate KFOX.

It's unclear what exactly caused the spill, but some reports indicate that the thousands of gallons of soda may have come up through the drainage system. In any case, the sticky situation was too much to handle for some local wildlife that became ensnared in its viscous grip. Fortunately, at least one good samaritan was spotted freeing a bird that found itself smothered by the syrupy gunk. 

So, just to reiterate, no matter how much you may love Coke, having your street flowing with it in real life is less a dream than it is a nightmare.

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