Over 100 Cockroaches Swarmed 2 Flights and Nobody Knows Where They Came From

Great news for people who like living out nightmares: Over 100 cockroaches were discovered aboard two planes at Kunming Changshui International Airport in China.

More concerning still, no one's sure how the stowaways snuck aboard. According to the Shanghaiist, "details about these cases have been not released. It's not clear how the cockroaches got on board, which airline(s) they invaded and from what port(s) of origin." That the cockroaches were spread between two flights makes the whole situation all the more baffling and suggests that the end is in fact nigh. Or something like that.

This story's all-consuming horror may be slightly mitigated by the knowledge that these were German cockroaches (aka Blattella germanica), a species of cockroach that's under an inch long. Take a minute to remind yourself that cockroaches don't sting or bite, so the incident was more disgusting than dangerous.

Cockroaches aboard airplanes aren't unheard of. In fact, there were reports of the presumed remnants of an ancient plague on an American Airlines flight from Madrid to Miami in May. The scale of the infestation, however, is unusual. And let's all hope it stays that way.

It should be noted that the Wikipedia entry for this species says it can't fly, so someone should probably amend that as well...

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