These Giant Margarita Party Cans Contain 12 Servings

For you, yourself, and you.

Courtesy of Cocktail Courier
Courtesy of Cocktail Courier

If you think it isn't the time to order a single can containing 12 "full-sized" (or, 5oz) margaritas, please send me your therapist's contact information. Otherwise, I have some life-altering news for you.

The company Cocktail Courier, which sources its recipes from local bartenders, has just released a triple spice margarita monstrosity to the online market in celebration of National Tequila Day (July 24). The supersized tipple couldn't be more appropriate for the times. For one, it contains just enough marg for one person watching the news. But it's also great for hanging outdoors at beaches or parks, where mixing is a pain, but where you reeeeally don't want to ruin your tomorrow with a gas station cocktail. 

FYI, the party can is 12.5% ABV and 1.75 liters, the equivalent of a little over two bottles of wine. You can purchase it for around $30 on the company's website anywhere in the US. You're able to buy the can both individually or in "mobile party packs," which include ice, a disposable cooler, and disposable cups (the accessories will cost you an extra $10). 

Some say a margarita is actually the perfect cocktail, but I beg to differ; to make the drink, you're required to go buy a lime and squeeze it, a performative act I reserve strictly for house parties, not shooting the shit with my sole quarantine companion. This is why I, personally, am a big fan of a canned drink already mixed with agave tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, ginger, cinnamon, and chili pepper. 

I know I just threw some shade at the margarita, but of all the drinks you can make with tequila, the summer drink definitely comes out on top. That's why there's a National Margarita Day, wherein folks get marg discounts at their favorite bars. Remember bars? If you do, maybe stop going to them. 

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