Coffee Mate's Latest Flavor Will Make Your Coffee Taste Like Golden Grahams Cereal

A Zero Sugar Cinnamon Roll Creamer and Vanilla Bean Creamer are also new.

Courtesy of Coffee Mate
Courtesy of Coffee Mate

If your goal is to start your day with a bowl-sized mug of cereal-flavored coffee, then boy do I have news for you. Coffee Mate has gone and done what it does best—created yet another creamer to upgrade your morning caffeine ritual. 

On the heels of similar drops, Coffee Mate is rolling out three all-new flavors, including Golden Grahams Flavored Creamer, Zero Sugar Cinnamon Roll Creamer, and Vanilla Bean Flavored Creamer.

The Golden Grahams Flavored Creamer, which is joining grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide in January 2022, is about to evoke some serious Saturday morning, cereal-eating, cartoon-watching nostalgia. The bottle boasts notes of graham cracker, brown sugar, and sweet honey, just like the classic "cereal milk" flavor we all know and love.

Courtesy of Coffee Mate

"From the brand that brought you a creamer that tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, there's another fan-favorite cereal making its way to your coffee cup," Coffee Mate teased in a statement to Thrillist. "Introducing new Coffee mate Golden Grahams Flavored Creamer!"

Now, as for the Zero Sugar Cinnamon Roll Flavored Creamer, it's got the same early morning sugar rush potential just without the actual sugar involved. Think of the perfect balance of cinnamon, sweet bread, and vanilla frosting. Meanwhile, Coffee Mate has also upgraded its classic Vanilla Creamer with a new Vanilla Bean iteration. All three launches will hit stores early next year and will cost $3.99 a bottle. 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.