This New Countertop Machine Is Like a Keurig for Ice Cream & Other Frozen Treats

The jury is out on whether people will actually invest in soft-serve pods.

Courtesy of ColdSnap

Keurigs might be old news, but Keurig-style pod machines that make soft-serve ice cream surely aren't. The ColdSnap is a "rapid freezing appliance" that turns room temperature canisters into single-serving frozen treats in less than two minutes. It's a luxury that most of us can't afford, but that won't stop us from dreaming.

A ColdSnap can dispense all sorts of cold confections, including froyo, smoothies, frozen protein shakes, frozen coffeefrozen cocktails, and soft-serve ice cream, which comes in dairy and non-dairy flavors.

Really, it's a lazy person's tool. Its aluminum pods can be stored at room temp, and when you're in the mood for something chilled, you just take the pod of your choice and pop it in the machine. It'll flash freeze the contents of the pod and serve an individual portion of whatever's inside. Remove the empty pod, recycle it, and the ColdSnap will be ready for another round when you are.

There's no official word on how much a ColdSnap costs, though we're pretty sure it won't be cheap. According to the company website, the machine will be available for purchase in the second quarter of this year on

Keep scrolling for our digital ColdSnap dream board.

ColdSnap frozen cocktails
These models are all smiles! | ColdSnap
ColdSnap frozen coffee
A casual cup o' frozen joe. | ColdSnap
ColdSnap frozen smoothie pods
You're telling me this came from an aluminum pod? | ColdSnap
ColdSnap frozen cocktails
Offices would definitely be more fun with ColdSnaps. | ColdSnap

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