Creepy Clowns Share Terrifying Experience of Seeing a Normal Person

America's terrifying clown epidemic continues to spread across the country, sometimes in totally imaginary ways and sometimes not. But have you ever considered that for many of the nation's creepy clowns, seeing a normal person is just as scary as finding a knife-wielding clown on the side of a dark highway is for you?

That's clearly occurred to comedian Chris Melberger, who posted a video of what it might feel like to be just an average creepy clown in America trying to chill at your friend's house. At any moment you could be petrified by an absolutely average-looking guy in a plaid shirt. 

It really makes you think.

Before you criticize a creepy clown, maybe you should take a walk in their parachute pants. Think about how hard it must be to drive when your toes only reach the arch of your comically oversized shoes. Ask yourself why you think clowns are creepy and try to understand what it's like living in a world where most people don't have an artificial smile painted onto their face. It's enough to drive any clown to stand in the shadows of a heavily wooded area near an apartment complex holding a single balloon.

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