That Viral BBC Interview Has Already Been Parodied To Hilarious Effect

Yesterday, a routine newscast went viral when two little kids wandered into the camera's gaze, delighting the internet and greatly embarrassing their dad. Because everything these days is meme-fodder, there’s already a parody of the event making its rounds on the web -- and yes, it’s made by children.

Enter comedian Kevin Fredericks, who employed two young kids to recreate the scene to great comedic effect. Much like the first interview -- which saw a professor discussing Korean politics with the BBC -- a young kid in a suit faces the camera, harping on about democracy in the North Pole. That's only until another boy comes in waving his arms around like a hype-man, disrupting the peaceful newscast. Then in comes Fredericks to the rescue, flailing around hysterically until he can collect the boy and end the interruption.

It's all a bit of worthwhile parody that's only heightening the intrigue surrounding yesterday's viral clip.