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Comet Neowise Is Visible to the Naked Eye. Here Are Stunning Pictures of the Comet.

It's the most spectacular comet that's passed Earth in a decade or more.

pictures of comet neowise
SERGEI GAPON/AFP via Getty Images

The three-mile wide Comet NEOWISE is tearing through our solar system. Opportunities to see a comet with the naked eye are infrequent. So, it's no surprise that people are getting outside to see Comet NEOWISE, even if it's not the "great comet" that we're still waiting for.

Photographers have been capturing stunning images of the comet with its split tail, soaring over beautiful landscapes and cities. Many of the images are striking. They're the kind of photos that inspire people to spend evenings staring up at the cosmos. (Or the photos might inspire you to photograph Comet NEOWISE yourself.)

We've collected some of the outstanding images of the first naked-eye comet to pass in almost a decade below. That includes a gorgeous time-lapse that shows how Comet NEOWISE moves across the sky. 

Here are some other images that have been shared on Twitter.

Even Buzz Aldrin is in awe of the gorgeous spectacle.

Take it in. NEOWISE won't be back in your lifetime.

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