These Are the 100 Companies Where Employees Are the Happiest

Where work can, at least theoretically, put a smile on your face.

Companies With Happiest Employees
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It may be the case that money is a major, if not the major, factor in selecting a job. In the perfect job, that's ideally balanced with your overall happiness, employer consideration of your personal circumstances, and benefits like health insurance. Most jobs, unfortunately, are not the perfect job. That's very clear in 2020. 

However, there are jobs where people are happy. One hopes that you count yourself among their ranks and are not utterly stunned by this revelation. Comparably, a workplace monitoring site, has released its annual list of the companies with the happiest employees, highlighting the places where workers report the most satisfaction with their employment.

The group of 100 companies is split into two lists. The Top 50 Large Companies lists companies with more than 500 employees. Then, there's Top 50 Small/Mid-Size Companies lists companies with 500 or fewer employees. The surveyed employees use the site to anonymously report their work experience, and those reports are used to create this list. Employees are asked questions like, "Is your work environment positive or negative?" "Do you believe you're paid fairly?" "Do you feel burnt out at work?" "On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend your company to a friend?" There is, however, no question for how likely you are to recommend your job to a nemesis. That would also be a quite telling question. 

The top spot in the "large companies" breakdown remains the same from the 2019 list. It's Zoom, because people who don't work there aren't surveyed about how tired they are of online meetings. Last year's top-three listed LinkedIn after Zoom. The social media network for bragging about industry achievements that don't move the needle with your offline friends dropped to 17 this year. Last year's number 3, Costco, fell all the way to 27.

Some inclusions are a bit surprising, like Instacart, where workers voiced frustrations even before the pandemic began and have since staged a May Day protest. Nonetheless, here are the US companies with the happiest employees, according to Comparably.

Top 50 large companies with happiest employees (over 500 employees)

1. Zoom Video Communications (San Jose, California)
2. HubSpot (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
3. Microsoft (Redmond, Washington)
4. RingCentral (Belmont, California)
5. Apple (Cupertino, California)
6. Google (Mountain View, California)
7. SBA Communications (Boca Raton, Florida)
8. UiPath (New York, New York)
9. ADP (Roseland, New Jersey)
10. Farmers Insurance (Woodland Hills, California)
11. Medela (McHenry, Illinois)
12. (New York, New York)
13. GitLab (San Francisco, California)
14. Insight Global (Atlanta, Georgia)
15. Dynatrace (Waltham, Massachusetts)
16. Vector Marketing (Olean, New York)
17. LinkedIn (Sunnyvale, California)
18. Smartsheet (Bellevue, Washington)
19. Northside Hospital (Atlanta, Georgia)
20. Outreach (Seattle, Washington)
21. Sage (Atlanta, Georgia)
22. LexisNexis (New York, New York)
23. Trimble (Sunnyvale, California)
24. Chipotle (Newport Beach, California)
25. ZoomInfo (Waltham, Massachusetts)
26. Thomson Reuters (New York, New York)
27. Costco (Issaquah, Washington)
28.  Malouf (Logan, Utah)
29. Starbucks (Seattle, Washington)
30. Egnyte (Mountain View, California)
31. Facebook (Menlo Park, California)
32. Qualtrics (Provo, Utah)
33. The Home Depot (Atlanta, Georgia)
34. ManTech (Herndon, Virginia)
35. Confluent (Mountain View, California)
36. Meltwater (San Francisco, California)
37. BambooHR (Lindon, Utah)
38. Workfront (Lehi, Utah)
39. Concentrix (Fremont, California)
40. Stanley Black & Decker (New Britain, Connecticut)
41. Noblis (Reston, Virginia)
42. Bell (Fort Worth, Texas)
43. Verizon (Basking Ridge, New Jersey)
44. Sunrun (San Francisco, California)
45. KeepTruckin (San Francisco, California)
46. Vistaprint (Waltham, Massachusetts)
47. Instacart (San Francisco, California)
48. InVision (New York, New York)
49. In-N-Out Burger (Los Angeles, California)
50. Smile Brands (Irvine, California)

Top 50 small/mid-size companies with happiest employees (under 500 employees)

1. Imprivata (Lexington, Massachusetts)
2. TaxJar (Woburn, Massachusetts)
3. Snyk (Boston, Massachusetts)
4. GoSite (San Diego, California)
5. Pendo (Raleigh, North Carolina)
6. Zevia (Encino, California)
7. (San Francisco, California)
8. Lattice (San Francisco, California)
9. Salsify (Boston, Massachusetts)
10. Contentstack (San Francisco, California)
11. EQRx (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
12. Branch (Redwood City, California)
13. Quick Base (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
14. Phaidon International (New York, New York)
15. Globality (Menlo Park, California)
16. APS Payroll (Shreveport, Louisiana)
17. InvestCloud (West Hollywood, California)
18. Nylas (San Francisco, California)
19. Newsela (New York, New York)
20. Calendly (Atlanta, Georgia)
21. Drift (Boston, Massachusetts)
22. Greenhouse Software (New York, New York)
23. NWN Corporation (Waltham, Massachusetts)
24. Eargo (San Jose, California)
25. Smule (San Francisco, California)
26. Fictiv (San Francisco, California)
27. Better Place Forests (San Francisco, California)
28. RingDNA (Los Angeles, California)
29. Scoop Technologies (San Francisco, California)
30. HG Insights (Santa Barbara, California)
31. Buy Box Experts (Lindon, Utah)
32. Sitetracker (Palo Alto, California)
33. RFPIO (Beaverton, Oregon)
34. Beiersdorf North America (Wilton, Connecticut)
35. AXIOS (Arlington, Virginia)
36. Snapdocs (San Francisco, California)
37. Taulia (San Francisco, California)
38. Karyopharm Therapeutics (Newton, Massachusetts)
39. Other World Computing (Woodstock, Illinois)
40. Centrical (New York, New York)
41. Gympass (New York, New York)
42. TeamDynamix (Columbus, Ohio)
43. Sunnova (Houston, Texas)
44. Osmosis (Kaysville, Utah)
45. Classy (San Diego, California)
46. ClearSale (Miami, Florida)
47. PACE Staffing Networks (Bellevue, Washington)
48. Verisys Corporation (Alexandria, Virginia)
49. Next Caller (New York, New York)
50. Tophatter (San Francisco, California)

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