These Are the Companies With the Most $100K+ Job Openings Right Now


Chances are, you need a job. Even if you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to work, everyone who does will say mean things about you behind your back, so we recommend getting one anyway. We also recommend that you get a job that pays a whole bunch of money -- because if you buy your friends things, they'll say nice things behind your back. 

If you find this argument/portrait of modern friendship convincing, we also recommend checking out this list of the 15 companies with the most jobs paying over $100,000 a year right now. It comes via Ladders, and it will make your search easier. Granted, you have to figure out a way to convince these companies that you're capable of holding one of these jobs, but we believe in you.

Here are the top 15:

15. Raytheon - 612 jobs available
14. Google - 612 jobs available
13. General Electric - 641 jobs available
12. Booz Allen Hamilton - 663 jobs available
11. Capital One - 671 jobs available
10. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated - 689 jobs available
9. Wipro Technologies - 711 jobs available
8. Infosys - 724 Jobs available
7. HCA - 757 jobs available
6. Apple - 759 jobs available
5. United Technologies - 767 jobs available
4. Banfield Pet Hospital - 774 jobs available
3. Facebook - 865 jobs available
2. Amazon - 974 jobs available
1. Spectrum - 1,017 jobs available

You're probably not surprised by a lot of the names here. Tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google have reputations for big pay (as does the tech industry more generally), but both Facebook and Google made Glassdoor's best places to work of 2017 list. That means that not only will you be making serious cash if you get the gig, you also might manage to not hate your life while you're doing it.

But it's not all black turtlenecks on this list. Banfield Pet Hospital came in at No. 4, and they have listings for veterinarians all around the country. And you'll get to help animals, so you won't have to compromise your values for money. HCA is also health-related as a for-profit operator of healthcare facilities with openings all across the medical field. There are also plenty of openings at Raytheon, a US defense contractor, and at Capitol One in banking, so there's more variety here than you'd probably expect from the monologues your uncle gave you about how all the money's in tech now. 

If you're more concerned about where you'll live while you're making all this money, check out this list of the cities with the most jobs over $100K.

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