Here Are the Companies With the Most $100K+ Jobs in Every Major U.S. City


There's a lot of differences between America's cities, but one common thing to all of them is that you're life is going to be a lot better if you get a job. It's the great equalizer between New York and, well, the other cities that aren't New York. And sure, actually going to work sucks, but you know what doesn't suck? The money that will be deposited into your checking account every two weeks. That part is super-nice, so we recommend finding a job that puts the most amount of money in your checking as possible. 

With this in mind, we offer you this list of the companies with the most jobs paying over $100,000 a year in every major American city. This valuable information comes via Ladders, which puts out reports like this all the time. You'll have to figure out a way to convince these companies that you have marketable skills and aren't a weirdo. We believe in you.

Here's the full list:

Atlanta: Emory University – 217 jobs available
Boston: State Street Corp. – 152 jobs available
Charlotte: Bank of America – 238 jobs available
Dallas: University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center – 329 jobs available
Denver: Ball Corporation – 271 jobs available
Detroit: Fiat U.S.A. Inc. – 274 jobs available
Houston: Baylor College of Medicine – 132 jobs available
Los Angeles: Amgen – 258 jobs available
Miami: Magic Leap – 125 jobs available
Minneapolis: University of Minnesota – 270 jobs available
New York: WeWork – 227 jobs available
Orlando: Harris Corporation – 160 jobs available
Philadelphia: Comcast – 298 jobs available
Phoenix: The Go Daddy Group – 103 jobs available
San Diego: General Atomics – 318 jobs available
San Francisco: Facebook – 614 jobs available
Seattle: T Mobile USA Incorporated – 244 jobs available
Tampa: Moffitt Cancer Center – 125 jobs available
Washington, DC: Vencore – 445 jobs available

It probably comes as no surprise that San Francisco and Facebook took the top spot with 614 jobs. As we're sure you uncle has explained to you every time you've seen him in the last five years, there's a lot of money in tech, and there are a lot of tech jobs in San Francisco (and a lot of tech bros filling those jobs). You may be more surprised to see Washington, DC to come in at second place with 445 jobs available at Vencore, a defense contractor company. That may sound less appealing than tech, but you're a heartless capitalist now, remember?

On the other end of the spectrum is Phoenix with The Go Daddy Group, which had 103 jobs. Go Daddy is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company, best known for its bizarre name and wild commercials. That may not sound quite as glamorous as Facebook, but your $100,000 a year is sure to go a lot further in Phoenix than it is in the most expensive city in America. But there are plenty of other cities and companies on the list so make sure to peruse the rest of it.

And if you're not picky about the job being in your city, head straight to this list of cities with the most jobs paying over $100K.

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