This Is How an iPhone 7 Compares to a Professional Movie Camera

The quality of the camera in your pocket is amazing. There should be more incredulity surrounding all the technology you're could plausibly drop in the toilet. In fact, that camera is good enough that an entire film screened at Sundance years ago was shot on an iPhone 5S. 

But how does the camera actually compare with a high-quality movie camera? YouTuber Potato Jet set out to figure that out. He got his hands on a $82,000 Arri Alexa setup, which was used to shoot films like Drive, Logan, Arrival, and loads of other familiar titles.

The two cameras are mounted together and used to shoot the exact same footage for side-by-side comparisons. Test footage is shot under various conditions, from a low-light indoor scene to Baywatch-style running under the sun.

Though it's somewhat subjective, the iPhone can't really compete with the amount of detail and color captured by the Alexa. On the other hand, the video is comparing a phone to an $82,000 setup. It's actually quite impressive how well the iPhone holds up against cinema-quality competition.

Most people aren't looking to drop $82K on a camera. Instead of saving your allowance for a decade, it might be easier to brush up on these tips for taking better iPhone photos and better snapshots at night. It won't make your fidget spinner video look like Logan, but it's a start. 

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