Starbucks Baristas Are Sharing the Most Insane Orders They Get and It's Intense

Despite your frustration over Starbucks baristas always getting your name wrong, you probably understand what a frustrating job it can be. You've likely been forced to stand behind someone who sighed obnoxiously at having to wait in line and then proceeded to give 743 instructions for their cup of coffee. Or maybe you know this because you're the one with the obscenely long order.

One barista shared a very intense order -- both in terms of instruction length and the amount of sugar -- on Twitter. "Ashley you have to be trolling us right now," the user Jessica Lynn wrote next to an image of the rather lengthy order.

It looks fake. Who would possibly order a drink with Sweet & Low, Splenda, and sugar? However, other baristas chimed in to say they get orders like this with some regularity.

Of course, the laundry list of syrups and sugars incited strong reactions and even prompted one barista at a different Starbucks to replicate the atrocious drink. (Lynn later updated the outraged masses to let them know Ashley has ordered this before and it costs $5.19.)

The best part of the thread is that other baristas said this is not only a plausible Starbucks order, but they shared some of the odd orders they've received themselves. 

The world is truly a remarkable place.

h/t Buzzfeed

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