Coney Island's Getting a Twisty New Roller Coaster This Year

It's called the Phoenix and it'll be part of the theme park's grand return.

The rise of COVID-19 forced many Coney Island attractions to close down in early 2020. Almost a year later, Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park—the home of Coney Island's 150-foot-tall Wonder Wheel—hasn't given up hope that brighter days are ahead.

In preparation for its eventual reopening, Deno's has begun laying the groundwork for a new roller coaster that will liven up the Coney Island skyline. The aptly named Phoenix will stand 68 feet tall, reach speeds of 34 mph, and twist passengers up to 115 degrees.

The Phoenix at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park
Rendering of the Phoenix | Courtesy of Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park

In an email to Thrillist, a park representative explained why now is the perfect time to build the family-friendly Phoenix ride: "Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park believes that though these times are painful and trying, they are also critical, and together, we will most certainly rise from the ashes and give birth to the best of times."

The theme park has yet to announce a completion date for the Phoenix because there are so many unknown variables with the ongoing pandemic. "There is so much that could change, but we are planning on 2021 for sure," said Deno Vourderis, co-owner of the park. "We have started prepping for the foundations."

Deno's aims to, quite literally, build toward a "roaring '20s," and they're off to a good start. Watch a computer-generated animation of the Phoenix below.

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