This Toddler Is Totally Confused by a Classic Game Boy

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Chris Cohoon

When a new piece of technology is placed in your hands, you expect it to do a lot. A new phone needs to call, text, take pictures, email, hail cabs, stream movies, and track steps. A new fridge needs a calendar, speakers to play music, and cameras so you can check the fridge on your cell. Even new toilets will, uh, do things.

That can make older technologies that once seemed incredible feel a little one-dimensional. So, it's not surprising a toddler would be utterly befuddled by something as old as Nintendo's original Game Boy. It's 28 years old now. Even though retro Nintendo games are in demand right now, the toddler in the above video has no clue what to do with the device.

She looks at the handheld game and repeatedly attempts to use its touchscreen to play. Only, Game Boys didn't have touchscreens. The 8-bit console didn't even have color.

To her credit, she's determined. When asked if she's figured out how to work it, she walks away furiously tapping at the screen trying to get the game to work. (Is that maybe "Pokémon Yellow" or "Donkey Kong Land" in there?) If she's confused by Game Boy, wait until she's introduced to the perplexing weirdness of Virtual Boy.

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