Cookie Butter Oreos Look Like Your Newest Flavor Obsession


As emblematic and simple as the Oreo is, you could never accuse the cookie company of resting on its flavor laurels. In just the last 12 months, its unleashed Dunkin' Donuts mocha-flavored Oreos, jelly donut Oreos, special Oreo candy canes, and even offered its fans $500,000 to create its next flavor. But the company's next flavor move might be one of its most exciting yet: Cookie Butter Oreos.

Now, there's a big caveat. Right now this is just a rumor that's making the rounds on flavor-spoiler-happy junk food Instagrams. It's also important to note that rumors of a cookie butter flavor have swirled since at least last September when the Instagram account @TheJunkFoodAisle released an image of another purported cookie butter package. Here's the latest, coming to us from Instagram user @Markie_Devo via @JunkBanter:

Between cookie butter cake, the classic Biscoff Cookies, and the fact that Trader Joe's literally had a Speculoos cookie butter shortage that gripped the nation a few years back, it seems that capitalizing on the craze would be a sound business decision for Oreo. It would likely also be extremely delicious.

Since the rumors began to swirl again this week, Oreo has neither confirmed nor denied the existence or any official plans to release this spin on its classic sandwich cookie. Sometimes "leaks" and mock-ups like these turn out to be bullshit -- as happened last year, the last time Cookie Butter Oreo rumors sparked up. Sometimes, they pan out; the Dunkin' Donuts Mocha Oreos leaked well ahead of their release.

This "leaker" of this latest Cookie Butter Oreos announcement @Markie_Devo, claims that the new flavor 100% legit, though, even touting a September 18 release date, and claiming to be "Psyched as fuck." So are we, if it's true. For now, all we can do is wait, and dream sweet, sweet cookie-butter-cookie-filled dreams.

h/t Delish

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